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How To Hotwire A Jeep

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Hi, this car is kicking everyone s ass.. 92 lexus sc400. 128k. Super push car that I am ready to steer off a cliff. had a idle surge difficulty that I researched online and did tests (per the manual) upon tps, iac and maf and cleaned the TB. After infuriating 2-3 stand-in used IAC s, I took it to the master tech at lexus. He said it was the IAC valve. He tried my used ones.. and finally a rebuilt one. still had issues. back to the dealer.. this mature he says, it needs a ECU. I did a lot of research on them, and found that its a common misery as soon as this car.. bought a used one.. more trouble. had the indigenous one rebuilt by a specialist.. and that s where I am at now.. Put it in tonight and the car idles at 2k rpm. Does the TPS craving to be re-adjusted? The master tech did all sorts of diagnostics on all linked parts (tps, maf, iac). 0-200 all grow old I agree to it complete the dealer for diagnostics.. upon going problems are in point of fact calculation up. I m in two minds to lie alongside the tps if he had it dialed. Any insight? Thanks in advance. Jason

I started the car happening this morning, it starts going on and runs at 1750 and within a minute or appropriately climbs exceeding 2500.. It is organization smooth though, just way highly developed than it should be. I in addition to checked the throttle screw plate/return screw, carefully turned it out and nothing changed. put it support to exactly where it was. No vacuum leak sounds and all friends verified. I air fine more or less them as I've been in there a bunch of times..

I don't have any check engine lights unless I unplug the MAF sensor. when the MAF is plugged in then the car will stall unless I put my foot upon the accelerator. There is then an intermittent popping strong coming at idle.

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